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Syllabus and Paper Pattern for SA-1
Subject Syllabus Paper Pattern
English CB-L-1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Section –A
GR-L- 4 6 7 8 9 12 14 18 Writing skills Informal letter Report Narrative Composition Messages diary Entry dialogue writing Q1- Reading Seen comprehension -2(14M)
Q2 Unseen passages 1( 6M)
Q3 Give Meanings ( 5M)
Q4 Answer the following questions.( 12 )
Q5 HOTS(8)
Q2-Writing( any four )(20)
Q3-Grammar( 25M)
a) Fill in the blanks(6M)
b)Make sentences using tense(2M)
c)Complete Sentences(3M)
d)Convert the sentences(3M)
e)Change the following sentences from active to Passive(3M)
f)Rearrange the sentences(3M)
g)Fill in the blanks using subordinating conjunctions(2M)
h)State the kinds of adjectives(3M)
ihNdI(2L)std-7 gu.jn -Ó se ÓÒ p/Xn-Ó AnuC7ed p“kr p/Xno ke ]Ttr ilqo | ÜÓÒÝ
Vyakr` litka -Ó se Ù p/Xn-Ô vStuin*# p/Xn | (MCQs) ÜÓÒÝ
p/Xn-Õ irKt S4ano. kI pUitR kro | | ÜÓÒÝ
p/Xn-Ö ÜAÝ ivlom xBd ilqo | Ü×Ý
ÜbÝ nIce ilqe xBdo. se wavvack s.)a bna[0 | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-× ÜAÝil.g bdil0 | Ü×Ý
ÜbÝ vcn bdil0 | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-ØÜAÝpyaRyvacI xBd iliq0 | Ü×Ý
ÜbÝ muhavro. ka vaKy me. p/yog kro |Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Ù ÜAÝ vaKya.x ke il0 0k xBd ilqo|Ü×Ý
ÜbÝs.)a xBdo. se ivxe8` xBd bna[0|Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Ú imlan kIij0 | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Û p/Xno ke ]Ttr ilqo | ÜÓ×Ý
Gujarati (2L) Ch.No- 1 to 10 p/&n-É nIcena p/&nna ]|r Aek vaKyma> Aapo. – ÉÒáÉ- ÉÒ
p/&n-Ê nIcena p/&nno ]|r a`-car vaKyma> lqo. ÍáÊ- ÉÒ
b. nIcena p/&nno ]|r sat- Aa# vaKyma> lqo. Ê á Í- ÉÒ
p/&n-Ë ivkLpoma>4I saco jvab xo2I lqo. – ÉÒáÉ- ÉÒ
b. nIcena iv2an ko` bole 0e ? Ane kone khe 0e te lqo. ÍáÊ- ÉÒ
p/&n-Ì nIcena p/&nno ]|r be vaKyma> lqo.ÜVyakr`Ý ÍáÊ- ÉÒ
bnIcena vaKyo va>cI AenI same Aeno ka5 lqo.- ÍáÊ- ÉÒ
p/&n-Í yoGy s>yojk mUkI vaKy lqo.- ÍáÊ- ÉÒ
b.½i!p/yogna A4R AapI vaKyp/yog kro. – ÍáÊ – ÉÒ
ihNdI(3L) gu.jn-1 to 8 p/Xn-Ó shI xBd cunkr qalI S4an wro | Ü5 x2=10)
Vyakr` litka- 1 to 6 p/Xn-Ô vStuin*# p/Xn | (MCQs) Ü5 x2=10)p/Xn-Õ s.)a Aor svRnam xBd Alg ilqe |Ü×Ý
b- ivlom xBd ilqo | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Ö A-vcn iliq0 | Ü× x1=5Ý
ÜbÝ smana4IR xBd ilqo | Ü× x1=5Ý
p/Xn-× p/Xno ke ]Ttr ilqo | Ü5 x2=10)
Gujarati (3L) Ch No-1 to 6 p/&n-ÉA nIcena p&nna ]|r Aek vaKyma> Aapo.- ÉÒáÉ- ÉÒ
b. nIcena p\&nno ]|r a`-car vaKyma> lqo. ÍáÉ- ÉÒ
p/&n-Ê smana4IR xBd lqo. ÉÒ áÉ- ÉÒ
p/&n-Ë iv½µa4IR xBd joDo.ÉÒ áÉ- ÉÒ
p/&n-Ì nIcena iv2an ko` bole 0e ? Ane kone khe 0e te lqo. ÍáÊ- ÉÒ
s.Sk<t(3L) pa# s.Qya-Ó se Ú p/Xn-Ó irKt S4ano. kI pUitR kIij0 | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Ô xBdo. ka imlan kIij0 | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Õ ivlom xBd ilqo | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Ö Xloko. ka kIij0 | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-× p/Xno ke ]Ttr ilqo | ÜÓÒÝ
p/Xn-Ø xBdo. ke A4R ilqo | ÜÓÒÝ
p/Xn-Ù p/Xno. ka inmaR` kro | Ü×Ý
p/Xn-Ú Alg xBd pr  kro | ÜÔÝ
p/Xn-Û vStuin*# p/Xn (MCQs) | ÜÕÝ
Science Ch – 01 Nutrition In Plant 1) MCQ 10 Marks
Ch – 02 Nutrition In Animals 2) Fill Up 10 Marks
Ch – 03 Fiber To Fabric 3) True/False 10 Marks
Ch – 04 Heat 4) Match the Column 10 Marks
Ch – 05 Acids Bases And Salts 5) V S A 10 Marks
Ch – 06 Physical And Chemical Changes 6) S A 15 Marks
Ch – 07 Weather Climate And Adaptation of Animal To Climate 7) L A 25 Marks
Ch – 13 Motion And Time 8) HOTS 10 Marks
Ch – 14 Electric Current And Its Effects TOTAL 100 Marks
NOTE: Need to draw diagram if it is mentioned in any S A and L A
Mathematics 1- Integers Q I. Choose the correct alternative(1 × 9 = 9)
2- Fractions Q II Solve the following (2 × 9 =18)
3- Decimals Q III solve the following(3 × 9 =27)
4-Rational Numbers Q IV Solve the following(4 × 9 =36)
6- Algebraic Expressions
7- Linear Equations in one variable
Computer Chapter 1 Formulae and Functions in MS Excel 2010 Q-1 Fill In the blanks(7×1=7)
Chapter 2 Advanced Features of MS Excel 2010 Q-2Tick () the correct option(7×1=7)
Chapter 7 Internet and Web Browsing Q-3 Match the following(6×1=6)
Q-4 Complete the following table(7×1=7)
Q-5 Answer the following(any Seven)(7×2=14)
Q-6 Answer the following(any Three)(3×3=9)
Social Science History History (Marks 25)
when where & how Q.1 Multiple choice questions:(1 x 6 = 6)
New Kings and kingdoms Q.2 Define:(1 x 3 = 3)
the sultans of delhi Q.3 Complete the given table: (1 x 3 = 3)
The Mughal Empire Q.4 Identification & short note: (2 x 2 = 4)
Q.5 Long answer type questions: (3 x 3 = 9)
Geography Geography (Marks 35)
Interior of the Earth Q.1 Multiple choice questions:(1 x 4 = 4)
Our Changing Earth Q.2 Define:(1 x 3 = 3)
Atomsphere Q.3 Answer in one word:(1 x 4 = 4)
Whather and Climate Q.4 Complete the given table:(1 x 5 = 5)
Q.5 Draw & label the diagram: (4 x 1 = 4)
Q.6 Very short answer type questions:(2 x 3 = 6)
Q.7 Long answer type questions: (3 x 3 = 9)
Civics Civics (Marks 30)
Democracy Q.1Multiple choice questions:(1 x 5 = 5)
Equality in Democracy Q.2 Define:(1 x 4 = 4)
The State Government Q.3 Identification & short notes:(2 x 2 = 4)
Q.4 Read the given information & answer the following questions:(1 x 5 = 5)
Q.5 Very short answer type questions: (2 x 3 = 6)
Q.6 Long answer type questions:(3 x 2 = 6)
General Knowledge Ch-1 Book Worm Q1 Fill in the blanks using correct option
Ch-2 Globe Trotter Q2 Answer in one word using correct option
Ch-3 Train the brain Q3 Tick the correct answer
Ch-3 Train the brain Q4 Complete the crossword using given option
Ch-5 Best and Beyond Q5.Fill in the missing letters
Q6 Match the column
Q7 Jumbled letters
Q8 Identify the picture & write the correct answer using given option
Note: Whatever is given in book same way question will be asked
Art & Craft Landscape flower pot birds vegetables Birds Rainy season God Ganesha Q-1 Draw a picture and fill colour of your choice


  1. There will be no exam for Moral Science.
  2. Exam Timing – 7:40 AM to 10:40 AM.
  3. After exam regular school time table will be followed.
  4. Students to bring text books of next day’s exam paper only.
  5. Students to bring required stationery for exam.
  6. Students to prepare as per given syllabus and paper pattern.
  7. No re-examination for absentees.
  8. Exam Time Table
Date Standard and Subject
14-09-2015 G K & Drawing G K & Drawing G K & Drawing
15-09-2015 Computer Computer Computer
16-09-2015 English English English
18-09-2015 Hindi/Gujarati(2L) Hindi/Gujarati(2L) Hindi/Gujarati(2L)
19-09-2015 Mathematics Mathematics Hindi/Gujarati/Sanskrit(3L)
21-09-2015 EVS Science Mathematics
22-09-2015 Social Science Science
23-09-2015 Social Science

9.Parent Teacher Meeting is on 3-10-2015.