VGS is a School of Wonder and Possibilities...

Vasishtha Genesis School, Bardoli, affiliated with CBSE is yet another laudable initiative by the highly reputed Vasishtha Group of Schools to promote quality education to children of Bardoli and adjoining areas. Since its inception on June 01, 2015, VGS Bardoli has shaped into a complete school.

VGS has offered a strong enriched curriculum constituting curricular and co-curricular activities to its students to explore their hidden potentials and equip them with life skills essential to face the real vibrant world.

VGS has been striving and will continue to strive to harness the demand of our children and society, with the firm support of the management, competent teaching and non-teaching staff and last but not the least the proud parents of our talented students.

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Our Approches

Learning methodology

We impart education by integrating proven, world-class teaching methods with modern infrastructure and technology. Our curriculum emphasizes on activity-based learning for which we create a suitable environment and focus on learning needs of each child rather than a predetermined set of pattern.

We add further value by inculcating a strong sense of discipline and hard work in our kids; thus nurturing them to be future ready to face global challenges.


We give students ample opportunity to explore their interests and cultivate unique strengths. We believe all children should have access to an exceptional, personalized education that enables them to live a happy and successful life.

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A combination of projects, lab activities, real life exposure, audio-visual presentations, classroom teaching, experiential learning, community visits and brainstorming activities are used to make learning fun, exciting and interesting

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We believe students learn most effectively when they can understand the concepts and more importantly their implementation to the real world. Our goal is to enable students to make meaningful connections and foster curiosity about the world we live in.

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The technology age has made its way into our class-rooms as well. It’s the time where students relate more to computers and laptops than to text books. A student who is not familiar with the use of computers is almost handicapped in today’s age. Our school has large number of computers with internet connectivity under its roof. O

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Some Salient Features

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams...!

Excellent Management

Excellent Management with rich experience in educational field with a mission of transferring education into an instrument for holistic growth.

Excellent Academics

VGS inspires every child to achieve excellent academic results as well as holistic development

Future Leaders

VGS grooms future leaders with democratically elected student's council.

Mentor-Pupil Relation

VGS forges strong and close mentor-pupil relationship.

Parent's Involvement

VGS encourages parental involvement with numerous PTM's and constant communication.

Qualified Educators

VGS has highly qualified, experienced & dedicated top notch faculty faculty of Educators who encourage children to become good learner.

Compititive Exams

VGS follows CBSE syllabus, the most required to prepare students for U.P.S.C and National National Level Exams.

Beyond Academics

VGS goes beyond academic excellence to develop skills such as public speaking, sports, art & culture.

Alumnus Admissions

VGS alumnus of level XII get admission in eminent institutes.

Child Potential

VGS enables every child to realize his/her potential.


VGS Bardoli is affiliated to the Central Boardof Secondary Education (CBSE), a widely recognized and highly regarded school board in the country following the 10+2 pattern of education. At VGS Bardoli, we provide an effective framework for education through a relevant, broad, balanced, rigorously-taught and monitored curriculum. We place great importance on educating the ‘whole child’ at their individual level of ability and potential to ensure a happy learner.

Ramnikbhai Davariya

When we attempt to see our future, we look forward to our children. So is the need to nurture them appropriately by providing them the right kind of environment allowing them to develop in comprehensive individuals, who will be capable to lead the nation, build the nation and accordingly contribute towards societal development and its welfare. With this provoked thoughts in mind, VGS attempts to provide positive instincts to every child to stretch his inborn learning competencies through a self-discovery process. Yes, here we attempt for every child to recognize his potentials, sharpen them, and tone them to be fruitfully utilized in future to lead a satisfied life.

Mr. Ramnikbhai Davariya